HYDAC I4.0 Bus visits Total Hydraulics

Our client in the Netherlands;

Total Hydraulics found themselves in a position where they wanted to grow their capabilities and output using I4.0 components and systems. They decided to do this as they identified that increased downtime, constantly searching for system fixes is a huge negative factor in their customer’s plants. This wastes time, energy and a lot of money!


Total wanted to ensure they keep their competitive edge in the market by constantly providing their customers with the latest innovations. The problem is Total were unsure of how and where to start with this daunting new project.


Total got in touch and we suggested a great way to start was to introduce them to our brand new industry 4.0 exhibition bus. We took our bus over to their premises so all their employees can come out and see the cutting edge i4.0 solutions we have to offer.


Our bus is packed with the latest HYDAC innovations within the industry 4.0 sphere:

we integrated our brand new product, CMX by HYDAC which allows us to show our customers how you can monitor the efficiencies of your systems in real time. We installed CMX on our production floor back in HYDAC HQ, to give the visitors an example of how we can monitor systems in real time via the CMX app.


CMX is revolutionising maintenance one step at a time, CMX is HYDAC’s industry 4.0 hardware and software suite that optimises the maintenance activities in your plant by:


  • Optimising your maintenance schedule with predictive & proactive maintenance.
  • Empowering your engineers with actionable plant insights.
  • Unlocking your system uptime with real time data.
  • Learning and developing application specific algorithms for increased system foresight and predictability.


The bus has proven to be a great way to transfer this knowledge and experience to our customers, ensuring they react quickly to the changes in today’s market, and keep that competitive edge!

HYDAC provide a number of components, systems and services which we refer to as i4.0 enablers, such as:


  • Sensor Technology
  • Edge Gateway Devices
  • Data Interpretation
  • Cloud Based Programs (part of the CMX package) which gives you the capability of seeing various live data points within systems, such as:
    • Contamination Levels
    • Flow Values
    • Temperature
    • Pressure
    • Using cutting edge algorithm techniques we can even predict:
      • Remaining Filter Lifetime in Hours
      • Scheduled Maintenance in Days

The feedback from Total was hugely positive, and we’ve since been invited back to present our capabilities in more detail. Total is a valued customer who uses our components in their Hydraulic solutions for many years.

Our i4.0 bus will be starting its European Roadshow soon! Keep your eyes peeled for future dates and locations.